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Our History

Phio’s founders opened up a whole new field of biology, revolutionizing the way scientists think about precision medicine.

Today, we continue their passion for science, their openness to learning, and their relentless diligence in seeking new therapies. That vision and innovation has driven the development of INTASYL™, Phio’s proprietary RNAi technology that’s designed to make immune cells more effective in killing tumor cells.

Our Approach

RNAi has broad therapeutic applications, across multiple cell types. Phio’s focus is on the application of RNAi therapies in immuno-oncology, and INTASYL is the only self-delivering RNAi technology focused on immuno-oncology therapeutics. Phio has a robust pipeline with clinical trials underway.

As we expand our development activity, Phio’s strategy is to focus on both our internal clinical initiatives as well as partnerships for development and out-licensing. We seek collaborative partnerships with antibody companies and with immuno-dermatology companies. Phio has identified multiple applications for INTASYL in the areas of immuno-oncology, dermatology, infectious disease and CNS as potential for collaboration activities.


Our Vision

To create new pathways toward a cancer-free future.

Our Mission

To create value by applying our energy and expertise to develop patented RNA interference technologies, which enable our body’s own defenses to overcome cancer in ways others cannot.

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